Sterling Talent Solutions Complaints

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Sterling Talent Solutions, a popular provider of background screening services, has faced multiple lawsuits in recent years. As the demand for background screening services continues to grow, companies like Sterling need to prioritize accuracy, transparency, and data security to maintain the trust of their clients and the public.


A 2019 complaint brought by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) alleges Sterling failed to employ reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy. The complaint alleges that the company’s procedures showed a heightened risk that its reports would include criminal background information belonging to another individual with the same name.

Several suits filed over the last decade reference inaccurate criminal history as a recurring issue for Sterling. For example, another 2019 case alleges that the background check company included a felony conviction on a person’s report causing him to lose his job opportunity.

In addition to these lawsuits, Sterling has faced criticism for handling sensitive personal information. In 2015, it was reported that the company had exposed an unknown amount of personally identifiable information when an employee’s laptop was stolen.

Sterling has addressed these issues, including implementing more robust data security measures and improving its disclosure practices. However, the lawsuits and incidents have raised concerns among job seekers and employers about the reliability and trustworthiness of background check providers.

Recent news of Sterling Talent Solutions inaccurately reporting background checks is a reminder of how important it is to double-check the accuracy of the information reported by these services. Background checks are a critical step in the hiring process for many employers. Therefore, employers and background check agencies should always review the information reported by background check services to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. This can help protect employers from potential legal issues and ensure that they make informed decisions about potential hires. It is also important to note that background check services are not infallible. Even the most reputable services make mistakes.

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