What is Contemporary Information Corporation?

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Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC) is a California-based background screening service for landlords and other real estate management companies. They conduct screenings for prospective tenants, as well as pre-employment background checks. Their website offers staggering statistics demonstrating their vast database resources and lightning-fast search time. However, consumer complaints are amassing online, debunking their claims of providing “high-quality FCRA-compliant housing court records.”


Established in 1986, Contemporary Information Corporation began in Southern California. Today, CIC operates in all 50 states, including a branch in North Carolina. The company’s website refers to its service as “predictive.” CIC provides background checks that landlords and employers can use to weed out candidates by their criminal histories and other public records.

According to Contemporary Information Corporation’s website, the company has access to 24 million housing court records and over one billion criminal records. CIC also emphasizes that most searches take under 2 seconds. However, software, and for that matter, software that moves that quickly, is bound to make mistakes.

What are other ways I can identify CIC?

Contemporary Information Corporation has several aliases and related businesses. These include:

Online profiles that belong to CIC’s main company headquarters can appear as these and other names.

What are the most common complaints?

Complaints on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau database include:

  • Incorrect information from public records
  • Failure to investigate complaints
  • Improper use of reports
  • Problems obtaining the report
  • Data appears to belong to someone else
  • Debt appears that is either resolved or belongs to someone else

Of course, these are only a few examples from one site. If you have issues that do not appear on this list, contact our office to see if you qualify for legal action.

How do I know CIC is calling?

The following numbers are known associates of CIC:

(800) 288-4757

(888) 316-4242

(661) 974-8016

How do I fight back against Contemporary Information Corporation?

If you are denied a job, housing, or other opportunity due to errors in your background check, reach out to us today. Send our experienced consumer protection attorneys an email through our contact page. Provide as much detailed information as possible, and we will assess your case.