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Established in 1995, HireRight has developed into an industry pillar for background checks in 13 countries. By 2010, the company began absorbing other major players in the pre-employment screening sector, acquiring UK-based Powerchex and US-based Kroll, Inc. In 2018, HireRight merged with General Information Services (GIS), making the group the largest provider of background screening services nationwide.


After an applicant submits their personal information to HireRight’s system, the company conducts a check and returns a report (typically) within 2-4 business days. Once processed, the applicant has the right to request a copy of the report, which they can do from the HireRight website.

If an employer decides not to hire an applicant due to something on their background check, they must communicate it to the applicant. Any agency that decides to take adverse action because of any consumer report must report that information to the consumer.


The HireRight dispute process is outlined on their website. They ask applicants to re-submit personal information, outline the alleged errors, and provide supporting data to their claims.

The unfortunate reality of dealing with employment screening services like HireRight is that these things take time. First, an applicant must wait for the results of the background check and then wait to hear from the potential employer. If an applicant needs to dispute the information because of adverse action taken against them, the screener has 30 days to investigate and five days to report the results.

To job seekers who need employment to survive, this can have devastating consequences.


HireRight has faced more than 80 lawsuits involving violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Among the alleged offenses are reports of:

  • Failing to properly vet information before sending it to an employer
  • Insufficiently investigating dispute claims
  • Causing financial losses to applicants

Taking Action

If you are denied a job due to errors in your background check, follow these steps.

1. Request a copy of the background report. Even if the employer declined your application, you have a legal right to the information.

2. Dispute the report with the background reporting agency. Maintain an accurate record of any communication with the company.

3. Wait for the agency. They have 30 days to investigate the claim and five days to notify you of the results.

4. Opt out of arbitration if applicable to preserve your legal rights.

5. Contact a consumer protection attorney. If your claim is not adequately investigated, or the results do not represent factual information, don’t delay your legal action.

Send our experienced consumer protection attorneys an email through our contact page. Provide as much detailed information as possible, and we will assess your case.